…with a seatbelt extender. And a nearly-deaf hubby. She’s screaming at him. God bless, I’m choosing to be excited for their first big trip

And now they moved the screaming baby to the bulkhead row in front of me. #HowManyAmbienAreTooMany #DontCareIfWineIsntFreeAmSoBuyingSomeNow

I am about to do some serious damage at Athleta. Is it bad that my most stylish clothes are for Pilates?

I want to own this print of @The_National by Josh Sanseri. And yet, I do not. Yet. http://instagr.am/p/BbFIc/

Rest of the country, sorry to be a jackass but it’s shorts/sundress weather in SF today. On Feb 5th. Delighted by this occurrence!

Break out the party (sweat)pants, this night is gettin WILD! Moved on from canned corn to Trader Joes frozen mini tacos. #HotnessInMyFreezer

Just had the best meal I can remember at Thermidor. Company wasn’t too bad either! @ryanvance @dlprager @therealjoshcook & Mari. #Fauxmance

Well hell, now I can’t tell if y’all think I should cut bangs or are just amusing yourselves by telling me to bang. #MyOwnDamnFault

Pre Happy Houring, with Bubbly, of course. @ Candybar http://instagr.am/p/BW7kW/

Heading to Sydney in less than a week. Haven’t been in a few years; what restaurants do I need to try? Places I can’t miss? cc: @jsonego